About Us

STAB Motorsports is a leading supplier of automotive components and systems globally. Based in the Kansas City metro, STAB Motorsports is first choice suppler for aftermarket temperature sensors, EGR Coolers, and EGR systems for ambulances and diesel engines. At STAB Motorsports, we are constantly pursuing what’s next, our proven track record of taking OEM only components and building them beyond OEM specifications giving your company the advantage to take market share from not only OEM part suppliers but other aftermarket suppliers to meet customer demands.


Environmental Commitment

All components that are enhanced from OEM specifications have the California Air Resource Board (CARB) certification.  When you sell or install a STAB component, you can be sure that the vehicle will pass any and all emission tests and meet all emission standards worldwide.


Our Responsibility

Every component designed, built, and sold by STAB Motorsports is one we trust on emergency first response vehicles. We know the important role these vehicles play in critical situations where lives are on the line. We test each and every component as if it was going to haul our own family in a life threatening situation.